view from Montmartre village
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Best Free Viewpoints in Paris

There are many amazing viewpoints in Paris, like the top of the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower, but there are also many places in the city, that are totally free to access! From beautiful parks, to the rooftops of Paris, we’ve chosen our favorite free viewpoints in Paris for you to add to your to-do list!

1. Montmartre

Stand in front of the beautiful Sacré Coeur, and take in the view of the whole of Paris, while listening to the local singers. Just sit on the stairs, and enjoy! It’s breathtaking and the atmosphere of Montmartre is unique!

view from Montmartre village
view from belleville park

2. Belleville

The Belvedere of Belleville is one of the only viewpoints in Paris where you’ll meet only locals. It’s located in the 20th district, which is not the most central district. From up there, you can enjoy the park, drink wine and share a plate in a cosy bar, and you can even discover some street art!

3. Top of the Galerie Lafayette and PrinTemps

From these two rooftops, you’ll get the perfect angle to watch the sunset over Paris. After a long day of shopping, it’s a great reward! 

View over Paris sunset from the Galeries Lafayette's rooftop
View over Paris Islands and the River Seine

4. Top of THE Institut du monde arabe

This rooftop, located on the left bank, is not even very well known by Parisians! One of the best viewpoints in Paris, from here you can admire Paris’ Islands, Notre Dame and follow the journey of the famous Bateaux Mouche on the River Seine!

5. La butte Bergeyre

This viewpoint is probably the most quiet in Paris! A bench in front of nice houses, a view over Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur. A good place to have a break, read, and think…


Did we miss any of your favorite free viewpoints in Paris? Let us know in the comments!

View from la Butte Bergère

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