Croissant in a plate on a wood table

Hasta' spirit

Hasta means “until” ; “to”, in Spanish language, words which are deeply linked to the notions of time, places and travel.

Hasta team loved these symbolics… Specially, when we live in a society where time is precious for everyone, whether you are a traveler or a company. Specially, when traveling has never been that easy, whether it is for business or leisure


The brioche is a must have for a French breakfast! Discover this easy recipe to bring Paris in your morning ritual!

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Stuffed Tomatoes

The stuffed tomatoes are a typical recipe from South of France. This recipe is perfect to make children eat vegetables and you can twist it with other stuffing or vegetables! Read more to discover the stuffed tomatoes recipe!

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Beef Bourguignon

Here it is the famous Bourguignon beef recipe! You were all asking for it since weeks! This is my grand mother recipe, so I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

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