Normandy Getaway

A getaway to medieval cities and charming villages by the beach!

All inclusive day tour!


"Medieval cities, breathtaking views and excellent cider!"

With a native guide from Normandy, discover why many writers and painters have been inspired by this region. From an authentic medieval city, to a picturesque fishing village by the beach, enjoy a relaxing moment out of Paris!

Admire Normandy’s jewels of medieval architecture, like Rouen cathedral, and Tudor style timber houses. Taste cider and local food in the local shops and see breathtaking landscapes on Normandy’s coasts that will blow you away!

If you’re looking for a relaxing day out of Paris, combining culture, nature and food, this Normandy getaway is for you!

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Our route covers

■ Rouen Medieval City : Cathedral, Joan of Arch, Churches of the XIII century
■ Normandy Cheeses and Ciders tasting : Camembert, Neufchâtel, Apple Juice, Poiret
■ Veules-Les-Roses Charming Fishing Village : Realist painters, Victor Hugo, Normandy Cliffs
■ And So Much More…



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