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Hello & Welcome to Hasta Paris!

Hasta Paris is a travel planner and guided tours agency

Nice to meet you! I’m Clémence, the founder of Hasta Paris. I’m 31 y.o and have lived in Paris since 2008.
After a worldwide career in real estate, I realized that I had a deep love for traveling, architecture, food & wine, and most of all, that meeting people is what makes me happy!

Hasta Paris is a blog and an agency at the same time. I created it for everyone who loves France or wants to discover my beautiful country: travelers, lovers, families, business people and dreamers…
On you’ll find many posts about Paris and the French culture, a travel planner service and also all my specially designed day trips & tours!

HASTA was my dream and became my reality: a combination of everything I love!
I can’t wait to meet you

hasta paris


Hasta means “until” ; “to”, in Spanish language, words which are deeply linked to the notions of time, place and travel. And I loved this symbolism.

Especially when we live in a society where time is precious for everyone, whether you are a traveler or a company. And especially when traveling has never been so easy, whether it is for business or leisure.

HASTA's spirit

Hasta agency is dedicated to companies, business travelers & explorers. Everything was thought out to meet your travel, visit, and business needs with a new perspective:
  • Meeting locals
  • Exploring the city
  • Tasting typical food & beverages
My addresses and my partners are carefully selected & my experiences are specially created to make you (re)discover France. I am your local expert. This is Hasta’s spirit.


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