Saint Ouen Flea Market - Private visit

Visit the biggest flea market in the world, discover the history of the flea market, learn to hunt antiques, meet some interesting people and enjoy a unique vintage atmosphere!

Exploring the Treasures of Saint Ouen Flea Market: A Must-Visit Experience for Every Thrift Hunter

France is a beautiful country that has long been renowned for its rich culture, particularly in the areas of art, fashion, and cuisine. We are excited to invite you to an exclusive, curated tour that will take you on a fascinating journey through some of the most iconic and historically significant sites in the city. Our tour will take you to the famous Saint Ouen flea market, where you can explore a stunning array of antique treasures that date back to the 16th century. Among the nearly 2,000 dealers spread across 14 markets, you’ll find an astonishing variety of collectibles, each with its own unique history.

During the tour, we’ll also visit some of the city’s most noteworthy antiques stores, including luxury item shops, poster shops, vinyl stores, and antique shops. We’ve also arranged for guests to meet with antique experts who are passionate about collecting and who are eager to share their knowledge with you. Our team of guides includes antiques specialists who have an intimate knowledge of the market and its dealers. They’ll be on hand to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, negotiate prices, and even arrange for shipping back home.

Whether you’re a passionate collector or simply looking for a truly unique shopping experience, our tour offers something for everyone. Join us for this unforgettable tour and discover the magic of Paris’ antique culture in a whole new way!

What should you expect during a visit to the Saint-Ouen Flea Market?

  • Enjoy the history of Saint Ouen Flea Market
  • Explore different markets depending on your taste and what you are looking for, stop at various antique shops that fit your expectations and have things you like.
Price includes
  • English-speaking guide, dedicated to you and your party only!


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