metro map of Paris. Inside a Paris metro station. Havre caumartin metro station
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Metro in Paris. WTF.

Alright, you will probably use the metro during your visit in Paris. And actually, it’s a good choice: quite easy, fast and the cheapest way to explore the city (except walk of course).

Parisians hate it but love it at the same time and finally can’t imagine Paris without it.

metro map of Paris. Inside a Paris metro station. Havre caumartin metro station

With 300 metro stations, the city is really well covered. Indeed, there is a station every 5 or 10 minutes walk. So sometimes, it better worth it to walk and enjoy the city than using a ticket. 

Metro schedules

From Sunday to Thursday evening : the last train arrives at the terminus around 1:15 a.m.

Friday & Saturday night : the last train arrives at the terminus around 2:15 a.m.

So, depending on where you are, make sure to take the metro a bit before the terminus arrival time, because you may find a closed door!

Every morning, all the metro lines open at 5:30 a.m.

The RER lines close around 12:30, again make sure to arrive before the closing time! The RER open a bit earlier than the metro lines, around 5:00 a.m.

If you have any doubts, check your itinerary on the official apps! 

What are the official apps to find your way in the metro?

Click on the logos if you want to download the apps!

It’s the app the locals use. 

Advantages : the maps are on the app, so it’s easy to check your itineraries. Also, there is an itineraries search engine that can help you. To finish, you have information on the traffic that can be useful to be on time if you have a meeting. 

Drawbacks : even if it’s easy to use, the app is in french. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested, and I’ll make a post on how to use it. 

This is a RATP app as well, but specially designed for the tourists.

Advantages : Easy to find your itineraries. The app does exist in 10 languages (EN, FR, ES, D, IT, NL, JP, CN, BR & RU). It suggests you what to visit. So you’ll never break your inspiration…

Drawbacks : but actually it’s only touristic stuff. 

Understand the zones system to get the perfect ticket!

Paris and its suburbs are organized in 5 zones :
    • Downtown Paris is in zones 1 & 2 : most museums and monuments are here, also are the train stations.
    • Zone 3 is close suburbs, like la Défense (shopping, and business district).
    • Zone 4 and 5 are far suburbs, including Versailles, Disney and the airports.
    metro zones in Paris. ratp map zones

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    Tickets & prices

    Well, if you go on the RATP website, you’ll see that you have tourist pass tickets for 1,2 or 3 days. But actually, you can also take simple trip tickets. Let me condense everything below :

    * Paris visiting pass exists for 2 days (19,50€), 3 days (26,65€)  and 5 days (38,35€) also.

    * Paris visiting pass + airports exists for 2 days (38,35€), 3 days (53,75€) and 5 days (65,80€) also.

    With the Tourist pass (1,2,3,5 days) you have various advantages, and no way to find it on RATP official website. Soooo I have investigated and directly asked the RATP company! (Then I realized that you have the information needed if you download the RATP special tourists app… #whatever). Here are some interesting advantages you’ll get with the tourist pass :

    arc de triomphe

    Arc de Triomphe

    2 € discount

    Invalides museum

    20 % discount

    Versailles Castle

    Versailles Castle

    30 % discount


    20 % discount

    Also, you’ll have 10 % discount on your shopping at Galeries Lafayette and on a Cabaret Show at the Lido, 30 % discount on your ticket entrance at The Quai Branly Museum, 25 % discount on the Grevin Museum, and 2,50€ discount on the Picasso Museum…

    Now that you have all the information about the ticket prices, you can make your choice and organize your journey in the capital city. 

    Bonus question

    Why Parisians are rushing to get the immediate next metro, while there is another one coming 2 minutes later? #weirdoooo.

    Comment below to share with me your crazy theories!

    See you there!

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