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Recipe king cake
On the 6th of January, we celebrate Epiphany in France. There are many traditions, but the most popular one is making a king cake. A pie hiding a little...
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Recipe Brioche French Toast
The Brioche French Toast is a must try when you're in Paris! Discover the recipe of the Brioche French Toast to bring Paris home!
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Recipe Brioche
Discover below how to make your own Brioche, perfect as a breakfast or afternoon snack - bring a touch of Paris into your home!
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Recipe Hachis Parmentier
Hachis parmentier is a famous French recipe that you must know! Cooked minced beef meat, mashed potatoes and grated cheese, you will love it!
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Recipe Croque Monsieur
The croque monsieur is our famous parisian grilled cheese! Here is the croque monsieur recipe for successful french dinner!
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Recipe Butter Shortbreads
We show you how to make delicious butter shortbreads in the style of Gaston Lenotre, share with friends, or keep them all to yourself!
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Recipe Beef Bourguignon
The Bourguignon beef is one of the most famous French Recipes! Eat it with a delicious glass of Burgundy red wine, you will love it!
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Recipe Gougères (cheese puffins)
The Gougères are French cheese puffs easy to make as a snack for the french apéritif or as a starter! Cheese lovers, check out this recipe!
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